Antitrust and consumer protection law discussion

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Competition law

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Guide to Antitrust Laws

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Abruptly, Marek Martyniszyn served as a writer research fellow. THE ANTITRUST/CONSUMER PROTECTION PARADOX: TWO POLICIES AT WAR WITH EACH OTHER Joshua D. Wright, George Mason University School of Law Yale Law Journal, Forthcoming George Mason University Law and Economics Research Paper Series • Engage in discussion groups on CONNECT for timely updates and discussion of major developments in antitrust law and consumer protection.

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Bureau of Consumer Protection; Bureau of Economics; enforces the antitrust laws for the benefit of consumers. The Bureau of Competition has developed a variety of resources to help explain its work. This Guide to the Antitrust Laws contains a more in-depth discussion of competition issues for those with specific questions about the.

Our state antitrust law was recently amended to enable the Attorney General to recover restitution on behalf of citizens that have been indirectly harmed by a violation of the state antitrust laws. The Attorney General of Washington, through its Antitrust Division, is the primary enforcer of our state antitrust laws.

Consumer protection laws are distinct from Antitrust laws and seek to regulate certain aspects of the commercial relationship between consumers and business, such as by requiring minimum standards of product quality, requiring the disclosure of certain details about a product or service (e.g., with regard to cost or implied warranty.

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Antitrust and consumer protection law discussion
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New York Antitrust and Consumer Protection Lawrd Edition