Column chromatography of fluorene and fluorenone

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Separating Fluorine and 9-fluroenone with TLC and Column Chromatography

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Need help separating fluorene and fluorenone?

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Predict the order of elution of fluorene and fluorenone from an alumina chromatography column. Explain your answer in terms of each compound’s structure and polarity and its interaction with the alumina stationary phase 2.

Nov 17,  · In this video, I show the finished separation of fluorene from fluorenone and what you should be looking for in your TLC. Chromatography This is the last technique experiment in the Introductory Organic Lab.

More importantly it is the first synthetic e. section column chromatography pl. 35 section gas-liquid chromatography. part a.

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qualitative and section reduction of 9-fluorenone pl. section reductions: a chiral alcohol from a ketone. part a. tar- taric acid-mediated reduction of methyl aceto. In normal-phase chromatography, fluorene would move faster down the column using petroleum ether than 9-flurorenone.

This is because fluorene, like petroleum ether, is not very polar and therefore has much greater affinity to the eluent.

9-Fluorenone, on the other hand, is polar and therefore more similar to the stationary phase. Chromatographic Separation of Fluorene and Fluorenone Abstract: A mixture of Fluorene (1) and Fluorenone (2) was separated by column chromatography.

Column chromatography of fluorene and fluorenone
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