Ethical and moral implications of robotic surgery

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Legal and ethical issues in robotic surgery.

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He operated on the gall bladder of a woman in Strasbourg using the Zeus robotic surgical system. THE MORAL AND ETHICAL DILEMA IN ROBOTIC SURGERY 2 Professor James Now knowing what robotic surgery entails, how it started and the political and legal influences it faces, we can now delve into the moral and ethical implications of it.

In respect to ethical issues in robotic surgery, equipment safety and reliability, provision of adequate information, and maintenance of confidentiality are all of.

In respect to ethical issues in robotic surgery, equipment safety and reliability, provision of adequate information, and maintenance of confidentiality are all of paramount importance. Also, the cost of robotic surgery and the lack of such systems in most of the public hospitals may restrict the majority from the benefits offered by the new.

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The Epilogue (Section 8) is an excellent overview of the book by Gianmarco Veruggio and Keith Abney. Jul 17,  · I believe that robotic surgery is the same as any surgery in regards to patient dignity. So I will leave that issue for my series on "Patient Dignity." So other than the issue of patient dignity, there are no other ethical issues, and it is a good thing.

Ethical and moral implications of robotic surgery
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