Internal business process perspective

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Internal Processes Perspective of the Balanced Scorecard

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6) The internal business processes perspective of the balanced scorecard comprises three subprocesses that address all of the following EXCEPT: A) innovative processes used to create new products, services, and processes.

The internal process perspective deals with the measuring and monitoring of the internal business processes of the organization.

Internal Business Process Perspective

This is the value creation system where the company produces and delivers its products and services. The balanced scorecard focused on the internal business process of “operations management, customer management, innovation, and regulatory and social clusters” (Niven, ). By making certain stakeholders adjust their performance according to data, an increase in productivity was accomplished in an intelligent matter.

Our work so far with the SAP Business Process Expert community (BPX community for short) has led us to the following definition of the business process perspective: The business process perspective means thinking in terms of the largest picture.

The internal business process perspective identifies the most critical internal processes for the organization’s strategy to succeed. The internal perspective examines the following process .

Internal business process perspective
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The Internal Business Process Perspective -