Issue of privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place

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EMPLOYEE MONITORING AND WORKPLACE PRIVACY LAW Monitoring employees lies at the heart of these legal and privacy issues. Employee monitoring is attracting more interest as companies seek to gather and use data to increase Methods of electronic monitoring range from occasional email audits to sophisticated.

Surveillance and Workplace Monitoring: The Technology There are many options when it comes to software and hardware monitoring solutions. Typically, surveillance activities are carried out electronically via a range of devices, from security cameras and motion detectors to software programs that track online activities by employees.

privacy claims. Methods of electronic monitoring range from occasional email audits to sophisticated software enabling employers to count keystrokes, record time and activities online, view computer screens in real time, and to record use of company networks.

Privacy in the Workplace: Overview

Software also can restrict access to certain internet sites and track social media activity. This is because there are no laws regulating electronic surveillance in the private sector workplace.

Electronic surveillance in the workplace is a major threat to your right to privacy.

The Harms of Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace

NOWHERE TO HIDE Employers have a legitimate interest in monitoring work to ensure efficiency and productivity. A FAIR ELECTRONIC MONITORING POLICY. 6. Audio and Video Monitoring.

Can employers use video monitoring in the workplace? For the most part, yes. Video monitoring is a commonplace method of deterring theft, maintaining security and monitoring employees.

For example, a bank may utilize video monitoring to prevent or collect evidence on a robbery.

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The ACLU continues to fight for employee privacy by challenging how those rights are violated by employers through workplace surveillance, unwarranted drug testing, and “lifestyle discrimination.”Employers have a legitimate interest in monitoring work to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Issue of privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place
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