Of mice and men why curley

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Of Mice and Men- Why Curley is Intimidating Essay

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Why is Curley's wife so lonely on the ranch in Of Mice and Men?

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Eventually, she keeps about the end of the potential of Eden, the little stack where George and Lennie can also off the fat of the essence. The other people know that even if Curley signs them they cannot make back in mind of trouble. Of Mice and Men: In John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, Curley has problems with aggression toward other workers on the farm.

Of Mice and Men – Why Curley is Intimidating?

As the boss's son, he is somewhat above the law, and this adds to his. Lennie is big and therefore dumb; Curley's wife is a woman and therefore untrustworthy; Crooks is black and therefore inferior; Curley is short and therefore "scrappy." It doesn't help that his wife has the.

Of Mice and Men – Why Curley is Intimidating? In the book, Of Mice and Men, Curley is the antagonist who creates problems for George and Lennie. He is a pugnacious man who is small in stature. Curley attacks Lennie because he assumes that Lennie is smiling at him. Curley thinks that Lennie is enjoying the insults made at Curley's expense.

The insults are about the hand that Curley keeps soft for his wife, the "Glove fulla vaseline" as Candy hopebayboatdays.com is why Curley gives Lennie a bloody nose and hurts his stomach area. In John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," little is known of Curley's wife other than the fact that she is from Salinas.

One evening when she enters the stables and Crooks's room, she talks to Lennie and Crooks.

Why did Curley's Wife marry Curley?John Steinbeck's

Never did seem right to me. Seem like Curley ain't givin' nobody a chance." (Chapter2) After being pounded on for awhile, George gives Lennie the go ahead to protect himself. Curly gets his hand crushed. This scene reinforces the brutality and isolation all these men have including Curley.

Of Mice and Men – Why Curley is Intimidating?

It is another ominous challenge to George and Lennie's dream.

Of mice and men why curley
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