Sales processing of otobi

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Otobi furniture dressing table with price

Experienced Corporate Sales Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the furniture industry.

Experience. Corporate Sales Executive OTOBI Limited. July – Present (1 year 2 months) Sylhet Region. Document processing for sales & service Planning tour & visit Customer query dealing & complain handling Attend sales Title: Corporate Sales Executive. Analyzing the marketing process of Otobi to understand whether its marketing is on right track or not.

Otobi Story: Born in at Dinajpur, Painter and Sculptor Kundu graduated from Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka inand securing 1 st class 1 st position. OTOBI employs skilled sales persons who are very well aware of the furniture and the customers.

Executive/ Sr. Executive (Retail/Corporate Sales) at OTOBI Limited.

OTOBI provides additional value to its customers through its efficient services. The management will be based on a long term partnership with the suppliers.3/5(2). OTOBI Limited Job Circular has been published in online job portal and to found in this website.

Document processing for sales and service.

A Report on Otobi

Planning tour and visit. Attend sales meeting and training. Attend corporate client and convert to actual customer.

Sales processing of otobi
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