Shakespeare creates comedy through cruelty and

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Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist

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Is The Comedy Cruel In ‘Twelfth Night’? Paper

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Manny is a little incompetent Manchildwhile Carol is just as much of a workshy spite as Bernard. Fable, parable, and allegory, any form of imaginative literature or spoken utterance constructed in such a way that readers or listeners are encouraged to look for meanings hidden beneath the literal surface of the fiction.

A story is told or perhaps enacted whose details—when interpreted—are. An Explination of Shakespeare's Sonnet - “If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun” is a quote from Shakespeare’s sonnet that compare’s Shakespeare’s mistress skin color to something that is unattractive for the time period of the sixteenth century.

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Acting is generally agreed to be a matter less of mimicry, exhibitionism, or imitation than of the ability to react to imaginary stimuli.

Shakespeare creates comedy through cruelty and
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