Solomon maimon and his autobiography as a portrait of eastern european jewish culture

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Introduction Solomon Maimon

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Maimon is a joy to read (at least in his autobiography- his philosophical writings can be very abstruse).

Salomon Maimon

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Solomon Maimon and his Autobiography as a Portrait of Eastern European Jewish Culture Called one of the great thinkers of the eighteenth century, SolomonMaimon became a major figure of European philosophy, set apart by hisoriginally humble Jewish background.

Contemporary readers of Maimon’s autobiography included Goethe and Schiller, but it made the greatest impression on nineteenth-century Eastern European Jewish readers who had suffered a similar crisis of faith and were struggling to modernize Jewish culture or find their feet outside of it.

Autobiography and Memoir

Eastern European Jewish autobiography in a sense, however, never ends. Children, grandchildren, or more distant relatives of Eastern European Jews re-create the lives of their forebears from oral testimony, photographs, salvaged memorabilia, and “memory-travel” to the home-places of.

Maimon’s most famous work remains his two-volume autobiography Lebensgeschichte (–), in which he presents his journey from Polish–Lithuanian Jewish culture toward the .

Solomon maimon and his autobiography as a portrait of eastern european jewish culture
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The Radical Enlightenment of Solomon Maimon: Judaism, Heresy, and Philosophy | Abraham P. Socher