The issues of women working and raising a family

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Essay: Working Women and Family Life

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Can women really restart their career after quitting work for children?

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Working Mothers: How Much Working, How Much Mothers, And Where Is The Womanhood?

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The pay gap between men and women in full-time work is 10%, in part-time work 34%. Even the highest-flying career women can find a radical shift in their standing when they have children.

Despite progress, women still bear heavier load than men in balancing work and family

Katie Powell was a corporate executive for more than a decade. At 23, she became the. Women want to be able to help and serve others, be productive, solve problems, use their creativity, meet challenges and learn new concepts and skills.

Even though a lot of these things can be achieved at home, having some additional growth opportunities outside the family unit can be much appreciated. The Working Families Organization (“WFO”) is a (c)(4) organization focusing primarily on nonpartisan advocacy on important issues facing working families.

The Working Families Party (“WFP”) is a grassroots political party operating in several states that endorses and works to elect progressive candidates for office.

The Top 10 Issues Facing Marriage and Family Today

The challenges of balancing work and family life and finding enough time to spend with children are bigger issues for parents with children ages 18 and younger than they are for parents whose kids are grown (14% vs. 6%, respectively).

Essay: Working Women and Family Life

Housework is still considered the woman's domain. Working women shoulder additional responsibility of the work place as well as at their domestic front. Unexpected sickness of children is a calamity that can be difficult to handle. There often is need to use and avail of.

For decades, women who choose to work while raising a family have struggled with work-life balance. Many working moms pursue the ultimate goal of "having it all" — a fulfilling home life, a.

The issues of women working and raising a family
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Women still bear heavier load than men in balancing work, family