The process of adopting a pet

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RSPCA Australia

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The Saskatoon SPCA is a registered charitable organization that provides care for an average of 4, abandoned, homeless and neglected animals annually from Saskatoon and area. Our organization relies upon support from individual and corporate donors to ensure that we have the ability to provide care, shelter, sustenance & vet care to lost & unwanted companion animals.

Animal Care & Control

The Shelter Pet Project, a public service advertising campaign, focuses on spreading the word that shelter dogs or cats are wonderful and lovable, and encourages potential adopters to consider shelters and rescue groups as the first place to look when acquiring a “new best friend.” Start Your Search Here.

Adopt a Pet in New York City. Adopting a pet in the New York City area? The ASPCA’s wonderful adoptable dogs and cats are waiting for you right now!

Choosing to adopt a cat or kitten is an exciting time. However, there are many things to consider before adopting a pet to help ensure the right cat is placed with the right family.

How To Adopt. Please read through the Adoption Process and Requirements for Adopting before submitting an application. Once you’ve thoroughly read through this information, an adoption application must be submitted before inquiring about a dog or being considered to adopt a dog from National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR).

Adoption Rules & Application

Almost Home Pet Rescue is an all foster based, c3 non-profit charity. Our mission is to save as many dogs as possible by rescuing from high kill shelters and the streets of Houston.

The process of adopting a pet
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