The reasons why many kids join violent gangs and feels part of it

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The Reasons Why Kids Join Gangs

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Did the Effort to Eradicate Chicago’s Gangs in the 1990s Inadvertently Lead to Its Bloody Present?

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Why Young People Join Gangs. Identity or Recognition - Being part of a gang allows the gang member to achieve a level of status he/she feels impossible outside the gang culture. Protection - many members join because they live in the gang area and are, therefore, subject to violence by rival gangs.

Joining guarantees support in case of. Factors Leading Youth To Gang 11 The purpose of this study is to examine some of the social factors that are more likely to influence Hmong youth to join gangs as measured by individual reports obtained through field surveys in two northern states.

This study will focus on the following objectives: 1. Social Reasons. Gang membership is a largely social decision, according to the Fairfax County, Virginia, website. Joining a gang, which will often treat its new members like brothers, often seems like a better lifestyle than staying at home with a violent, neglectful or sexually abusive family.

The reasons why many kids join violent gangs and feels part of it
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